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A Glass studio team leaders, engineers, Technicians, artists and designers.

Who We are

What we do

GLAASIK is India’s leading glass processing leader. We offer sustainable & high-performance glass materials & products that are designed, fabricated and installed for the habitat, construction, automative and export industry needs.


Proven Technologies

To ensure smooth and consistent quality production we have deployed one of the most updated technology that the world has to offer.


National Awards

we have got three national awards in award ceremony organized by Glass Bulletin


Who we are

With it’s state-of art technologies and stringent quality measures, GLAASIK excels as a highly creative and fastest-growing enterprises in their niche segment across the Indian Sub-Continent.


Sustainable Green Glass

Getting what you need doesn’t have to mean wasting resources. It’s why we’re passionate about energy sources that don’t deplete our planet’s limited reserves. Environmentally friendly our Energy-Safe Glass has formed the cornerstone of Glaasik products since the launch of it’s first energy-saving glasses. Today we are among the top in the industry providing high performance energy-efficient Glass processing and products ...


What makes us Different?

Entrepreneurial spirit, quality-oriented thinking & readiness to assume risk, are the basis on which glaasik stands and continues to grow...

Glaasik™ is driven by a strong commitment towards promoting glass and an appreciation for well designed glass art & luxury products and continually support its clients, designers and architects who are involved with the aesthetics of glass.


How We do

We believe in making lifetime relations that's why Customer happiness and satisfaction is our prime motto.

Brief & Understanding

Valuing - time & money of customers, We always reaching out to our customer's imagination.

Planing &

Our technical expert team will execute a new idea by considering customers requirement.

Production & Execution

Our production team will executes the designs with their unique working tendencies.